Sri Lanka Visa For India Citizens

India and Sri Lanka have had a relationship for ages. And they too have a historical connection. If we talk about the stories of Sri Lanka, it is what inspires a lot of foreigners to visit the country. It has incredible wildlife, warm beaches, temples, delicious food cuisine, and many more.

Indians can visit Sri Lanka now in very easy steps. They just have to apply for an ETA for Sri Lanka. Having an electronic travel authorization permits Indians to enter Sri Lanka and enjoy their trip.

The procedure is completely online. It takes only a few minutes to apply and submit the application form. The approved Sri Lankan ETA is sent to the registered Email ID of the applicant. Let us learn more about the online visa for Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka ETA For Indian Citizens

Yes, the Indians must have an ETA to enter Sri Lanka. An electronic travel authorization is a legal document obtained electronically that permits foreign travelers an easy entrance into the country. This online visa is valid for 30 days if you are applying for Sri Lanka tourist eta or business eta. There is transit eta also available for Indians.

If you have a diplomatic, official, or service passport then you can enter Sri Lanka without a visa.


Types Of ETAs For Sri Lanka

• Tourist Sri Lanka ETA – this is for spending some quality time in Sri Lanka. Valid for 6 months with double entry. Indian travelers can stay for 30 days in the country using ETA for Sri Lanka.

• Business Sri Lanka ETA - this is for business-related work. Valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Using Sri Lanka online visa Indian citizens can stay for 30 days in the country. It grants multiple entries in Sri Lanka.

Transit ETA– this is applied when you have a connecting route visa to Sri Lanka. If you have a layover for more than 8 hours you can apply for this. It is valid for 2 days


Documents Required

Certain documents are mandatory for Sri Lanka ETA. Those are:

• A valid Indian passport for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka
• A correct current Email ID, on which you will receive the approved eta
• An active debit or credit card to make the payment for an online visa.

Applying online is more convenient for Indian visitors, as there is no paperwork to be done in person by visiting the Sri Lankan Embassy.

The usual time for processing the eta of Sri Lanka is 1-2 working days. But Indians can also take the priority service which provides the approved SRI LANKA ETA within an hour.


Requirements At The Arrival In Sri Lanka

When an Indian traveler arrives in Sri Lanka, there are some formalities that they have to do by presenting some documents. They are:

• A printout of the approved ETA of Sri Lanka
• Proof of sufficient funds with you to take yourself during your stay in Sri Lanka
• A confirmed return ticket or an onward ticket from Sri Lanka
• For onward destination, provide supporting documents if it is Transit ETA.


Procedure For Indian Travelers

Once you know the required documents, it will be easy for you to apply online for Sri Lanka Visa.

You have to complete the Sri Lanka ETA application by filling in all the required details of the applicant. Make the payment using a debit or credit card. It will take 1-2 days to receive the approved online visa for Sri Lanka.

One can also receive it with a visa-on-arrival option. But it is tiring and can be troublesome.

ETA for Sri Lanka is a fast and simple method. It is received by Indian travelers within a few hours but in some cases, it might take up to 48 hours.


Information To Put In The Application Form

o Name of the applicant
o Date of the birth
o Nationality
o Passport number, issue date, and expiry date
o Intended date of arrival in Sri Lanka

Make sure that all the details are similar to the passport that you will be traveling with. If any mistake or error is found then the application can get rejected or the Sri Lanka eta approval can get delayed.


Visa On Arrival Procedure For Indians

Indian travelers having ETA for Sri Lanka will be issued visas on arrival automatically.

You must have your passport with you, sufficient funds proof, a return or onward ticket, and a copy of ETA if asked. After all the verification the officer will grant you the visa on arrival using which you can enter Sri Lanka.

It is possible to apply for a visa on arrival without an ETA at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo only. This is not recommended as it means waiting in a different queue to fill out the paperwork and then joining the main queue to clear immigration.

But certainly, this process takes a lot of time, as travelers have to stand in queues and wait for long hours. It is better to apply online to save you from all the mess and tiring process.


Sri Lanka Embassy Or Consulate For Indians

If you are applying for an ETA of Sri Lanka then there is no need to visit the Sri Lankan Embassy or consulate. The procedure for a Sri Lanka visa is done online and an Indian traveler can get the visa on arrival at the airport.

If the type of visa you are applying for is other than tourist or business then you can visit the embassy and do all the paperwork and formalities in person.



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